Initial Post: My Own Sandbox

I took typing after 6th grade in summer school.  It’s been the course I’ve used most all my life.  I learned keyboarding in 1988 with leased computers sitting unused in our basement.  I started by transcribing all the ‘one page novels’ I had started from boredom during certain classes in school.  I started fan writing, but in 1990 decided I preferred to play in my ‘own sandbox.’

Having no idea what I was doing, I began writing a novel as first a chapter, then a long story, then a novella.  I ended up world-building an entire universe, culminating in eight novels and many stories which kept me occupied for years.  Great practice.

Life occupied me, providing foster and adult care for special needs individuals, and raising my own children, one with special needs.  After my daughter passed away in 2008 I slowly resumed writing.  I began something unlike anything I’d ever written, percolating to a contemporary mystery set in the romance of the west, and in 2015 rejoined Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and a weekly critique group which keeps me focused and on-track.

These posts will reflect my journey to create and play in these worlds I envision, ‘my own sandbox.’


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